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Green, Clean, Espresso Machine.

The only solution for cleaning the steam wand in the espresso machine

Do you know that...

Germs can double every 20 minutes.

Cleaning the steam wand with a cloth does not kill the germs, only moves them.

When you warm different milk, the steam wand has residues from the past warming.

Cleaning Steam Wand with Cloth
Person cleaning vaporizer coffee machine

Are we cleaning?

Are we cleaning or spreading germs?

We are used to seeing baristas make coffee, serve food, clear tables, and then make more coffee.


We also see them cleaning the coffee maker’s steamer with a cloth probably used to clean the tables, the bar, etc.

Have you ever thought that what they are doing is spreading germs all over the place?

The ideal medium for germs and biofilms

The steam wand

The steam wand is the best scenario for the growth and multiplication of microorganisms:

🦠 = Nutritive medium (milk 🥛) + Hot environment 🌡️

* Germs multiply by 2 every 20 minutes in milk.


If the steam wand is “cleaned” with the cloth, spreading the germs and microorganisms but not killing them. In addition, we only affect the outer area and we do not reach the interior.


Every time a milk or vegetable drink is heated, the frother has residue from the previous time and accumulates scale.

Do you know how to clean the steam wand?

Steam Wand use

There is something you can do

This is the solution

Innovative Brush unit + unique cleaning solution

The best total cleaning solution for the steam wand and coffee area.

Remove 99.9% of germs

Cleanser with a natural and green formula that breaking biofilms and removing contamination from the steam wand.

Cleans and Sanitizes

Heat different types of milk and vegetable drinks without contamination.

Eco, fast and easy

With just 4 pumps of product in the brush unit at the beginning of the day, you will be able to clean the steam wand up to 50 times.

Brush Unit

Make thousands of coffees and leave the steam wand and work area clean and sanitized at all times.
A unique device that allows you to reach all parts of the steam wand and leave it clean and sanitized like the first day.

Offer your customers a unique and unmatched cleaning, and make a difference.

Wanda Clean Cleaning Solution

Cleaning Solution

Highly concentrated cleaning liquid for café machines and equipment.

Cleans and Removes:

  • Calcium & Mineral Deposits
  • Milk Proteins & Plant Milk Residues
  • Biofilms & Germs

  • Check this super innovation…

    How to use it?

    It has arrived to make baristas' life easier and help them sanitize the steam wand and the coffee area in an eco, fast and easy way.

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